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the creative team
design & research

Photograph by Ben Reich

Khải's creative team came together through

a series of shared connections

Dr Marta Gasparin from the University of Leicester, Claire Driscoll co-founder of the Hanoi-based collaborative art space and design studio, Work Room Four and Thảo Vũ founder and lead designer of the sustainable Vietnamese fashion brand Kilomet 109 first collaborated during a project in partnership with VIRI (Vietnam Institute for Rural Industries) created by The British Council as part of the Crafting Futures programme on the training of young entrepreneurs working with ethnic slow design, this project led to them coming together to investigate the emotional state of Vietnam as a changing country through the research led by Dr Marta Gasparin for the London Design Biennale 2018. Having previously worked with Giang Nguyễn on previous exhibitions and with a great interest in his typographic work, as curator, Driscoll approached him in relation to the Biennale project, alongside visual mapping artist Lê Thanh Tùng whose work often investigates placing the cultural heritage symbolism into multimedia genres.

Dr Gasparin’s research combined with Thảo Vũ’s design process, eco-activism and social entrepreneurship provided the lead narrative to inform the creation of  the components of ‘Khải’ installation and led to the typography created for the installation by Nguyễn and the visual mapping of the processes and stories by Lê. Khải is the result of all of their shared interest in the state of creative practices, design and innovation in Vietnam.

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